Hello 2013! New Year, New Me

Happy 2013! I know my New Year’s Resolutions are a day or two late, but I figured better late than never. I wrote them on a piece of paper first and then I thought — why not publish them, so I have to follow through?

1. Get Healthy

I want to look better and feel better in 2013. Okay, so I know this is cliché – but I don’t care. I’ve been trying to whip myself into shape for years. I started weight watchers a month ago, and I am finally starting to see the effects. My goal isn’t a dress size or a number of pounds; it’s simply to make a lifestyle change and stick to it. Nobody’s perfect, and I’d still like to have a cupcake every once in a while – but my goal is just that — “once in a while.”

2. Travel 


My second goal for the New Year is to get out and travel. There are so many places I want to see and so many things I want to do, but I always let the planning get the best of me. Chris and I have been living in New Jersey for four months and we’ve hardly been anywhere. New Year’s Eve was our first trip to the city… pathetic! So, to quote one direction: “We’ve gotta live while we’re young” – because even though we feel busy and broke – we will never have more time than we do right now. This year I promise myself to be more spontaneous and get off the couch – and drag Chris with me!

3. Call my Grandparents


If I go see my Pappy (even just to borrow a cup of sugar) he talks about it all week. [Read with old man voice] “Yeah the granddaughter came to borrow some sugar yesterday… do you want to see her picture? She just moved to New Jersey with ‘the boy’ (his affectionate nickname for Chris)” For the simple fact that it makes them happy, I’m going to try to call my grandparents more often. Once a month may feel like a lot, but in the grand scheme it’s only 12 times a year – and that’s not a whole lot to ask for.

Oh, and blog more. Because I love writing, and I miss it ;) #4


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